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Download Sources for Quartus II: Plantilla para la DE0-NANO
Binary (*.sof): Descargar

Interesting links:
If you want to transform your psx controller to uart using your DE0-NANO, download the next sources:
  • Solution(.*sof): Download, GPIO[1] is Tx(UART 9600 bps).
  • Sources for Quartus: Download

Python Script for Keyboard/Mouse emulator: 

Modify this lines in the python script for emulating any key of your keyboard or mouse.
  • emulate_key(Virtual_Key, Scan_Code,  PSX_BUTTON, Sensitivity)
  • emulate_mouse(Mouse_Button/Move, PSX_BUTTON, Sensitivity)
  • You can changue the communication port in the line 316 "ser = serial.Serial('COM9', 9600)"

References(PSX Controller Module Decoder):


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